My reading experience with the book X:THE EXPERIENCE WHEN BUSINESS MEETS DESIGN by Brian Solis

UX planning is currently a buzz word in marketing. I had to know more about this subject and therefore went online and bought the hard copy of the book by Brian Solis called X: The experience when business meets design.

The book talks about experience being the new branding. He talks about creating meaningful experiences for customers. His words are ‘transformative approach to customer experiences by design: human centered experience architecture. This approach defines customer experience as a sum of all customer engagements in each touch point and every moment of truth’, through out the customer lifecycle‘.
The takeaway of the book is UX + CX + BX = EXPERIENCE. (user experience + customer experience + brand experience)

Here are my moments of truth (MOTs)

Zero moment of truth: when i opened the package ordered from Amazon and saw the book, the hardcover book was horizontal, about 15 inches! It had a book jacket that keeps getting in your way when handling, and you are forced to remove the cover and keep it aside! The book has to be placed on a flat table and read.  You cannot read it comfortably, or you place it on your lap and sit erect to read it.

1st moment of truth : some of the pages use dreadful blue gradation and the copy matter on top is difficult to read. On some pages, a red colour used for headings is irritating to the eye. No thought to usability.

2nd moment of truth: the printing quality, photographs, graphics are extremely poor with indecent wastage of paper. Pages are blank and do not add any value or aesthetics. No thought about wastage of paper.

The book starts off in an interesting way with examples of Walt Disney’s Magic Band and Google’s Nest. A example of American Airlines and their website experience makes good reading.

He mentions the Lego company turnaround without any credit to Martin Lindstrom who has talked about it detail in his book Small Data. I dont know who is right or wrong here.

Further as you go along, the book offers diagrams that can make a marketers power point more complex to understand.  Make it complex so that it is impressive seems to run throughout the book.

However, the concept of the grid is interesting. But haven’t designers been using grids? A lot of the concepts are old, with new words spun around to sound awesome.

In many ways the hard copy of the book completely contradicts all the gyan in the book. My experience with the book was simply POOR and i dont know whether any of his other books would interest me.  The topic is awesome, but a total let down.



1 thought on “My reading experience with the book X:THE EXPERIENCE WHEN BUSINESS MEETS DESIGN by Brian Solis

  1. So many of the things you said are great observations, especially about the way the book can be handled and the layout and legibility etc. When I read the book title I thought Wow! This is going to be an awesome topic to bring home. Oops, that it did not live up to its name.

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