Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Companies

As a marketing and branding consultant, I come across a number of small and medium enterprises that need marketing. SMEs are unable to formalise the function like the big boys, as it is assumed to be a daunting task.  In a series of blogs, I will draw up a step by step guide on ‘How to Market’ your brand / product/ company plan which can get you started  You can draw up a marketing plan yourself and implement it in your company or enterprise. This could apply to any product / category that could be b2b or b2c.


Step 1 : Your marketing goal: Write out your marketing goal for the year in simple words. It should not be lofty or idealistic, but practical and achievable.

For eg. To achieve revenues of XXX amount for this year,


XXXX (Your product) will be the leader in the segment 

Do not get caught in any management jargon while articulating your vision. However, think big and think practical and achievable. Your goal is what is going to drive you and your marketing team.


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